Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Major Dinero With Ultimate Power Profits

If you want to make any major dinero with Ultimate Power Profits you will have to spend some energy and put forth work in growing your business. Are you up for a ninety day blitz? So what is the 90-day Blitz? It is about pushing forward and being focus.  The end result is to put massive numbers in your downline.

 Several members of my power team have ask me, what exactly is Platinum and why is it so significant. Ultimate Power Profits has several different levels that you can start off at. The levels range from $10 to $100. It doesn't matter where you begin, just where you end. To be a Platinum is a hundred dollars each month. To stay active you merely need to sponsor one more person at your level or above. For instance, if I join up as a Silver, I will need to bring in another silver or above for me to continue to be an active silver. Once all of the products are rolled out, you will see how easy it is to sponsor people into this business. So far, I have told you what Platinum is, but exactly why is it so crucial. Platinum is the entrance to open up the entire compensation plan and start earning extreme income. To become a Star Leader all revolves around the Platinum position.

Once you get
10 personally sponsored people to become Platinum, then you become a 1 star leader. 50% of all commissionable volume is put into Infinity. Definitely, the more individuals you get compensated on, the more cash you will earn. Once you reach the 1 Star leader level you get your first coded leg. You get paid on 100% of the individuals in this leg to infinity, not just 10 levels. Just for illustrations purposes, envision 1000 platinum's in this leg after some time. With Infinity you are making $2 on every Platinum member every month in a 3 * 10 structure. Once you become a star leader you will make $2 on every person in your down line to infinity. With our model, that's two thousand dollars, but because it is a coded leg, you double your money. Two star leaders get 2 coded legs. To be a 2 star leader you will need to have twenty sponsored people in your down line to be platinum. 3 star leaders get 3 coded legs and you also will need to have thirty personally sponsored people to become Platinum. Leadership bonuses goes up to 5 star leader, which in turn get you five coded legs. 

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What does Platinum mean to Spinfinity? 50% of membership commissionable volume goes into Spinfinity. There is a one star leaders bonus pool that will be split between all 1 star leaders. There is a 2 star leaders bonus pool that will be divided up between all 2 star leaders. Every time you progress in rank you move up into a more exclusive club and make more moolah/dinero. There are 5 leader pools in total. 

Everyone in your organization will not reach to the one star level and that is absolutely alright. Most people in Network Marketing are just looking for a few hundred dollars a month in additional income to help with some living expenses and they are completely satisfied. You will find a few individuals that are looking for a way out of there current life style or looking to replace some misplaced earnings, and they will be trying to reach the top of this pay plan.  To make big dollars, the road will not be easy and it will require work. Commit yourself to your team and you will thrive when they prosper.

Together each achieves more, concentrate and you are going to grow a amazing organization and double, triple and quadruple your income by becoming a Platinum and Star Leader with Ultimate Power Profits. 


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