Friday, September 28, 2012

Launch Date Announced

Great News!!! Ultimate Power Profits Has Announced it's Launch Date

I have some very exciting news for you today ................!!!

ARE YOU READY FOR IT.......... (Important-Pass to your team)

Event: “GlobalOne - Launch Date Announcement”
We have a launch date!!.....  the 30th of September! 

We are launching in 3 Phases which I will outline below.

  •  Phase 1
  • 12.01 am GMT 30th of September to the 9th of October
  • Get your ewallet set up and funded if necessary
If unable to fund directly then you can pay the invoice when available by credit card or debit card, or forward it for someone else to pay, then pay them back by other means.
  • Preselect your membership level
  • Help your team
  • You will still log into the same site
  • Payment options are:
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Wire transfer
  • ACH
  • And cash options
  •  Phase 2 
  • October 10th 
  • Activate your account and become a live member 
  • Start earning commissions , commissions will begin to accumulate for Spinfinty, Infinity and Global Bonus Pool 
  • Elements of Wealth downloads will be available, do not miss this very powerful training that only the top 1% have access to. This is designed to help you manage your new found wealth! 
  • The website as we know it will change. You will see :
           Global Bonus Pool
           Full Genealogy view
           Marketing  tools, Landing pages, mail management etc
           How to Market 
           Plus much more 
        Phase 3
October 20th
 Sparkling Brand new site with all the  Bells and Whistles 
  • New business wealth centers will begin to open 
  • Accumulation of all earned commissions  and paying every 72 hours 
  • Additional Marketing tools 
  • Sales and service tools 
  • Business wealth centers – Travel, Shopping Mall, Health Products and more will continue to be added. 
  • Some extra surprises in store eg: Music, Video and Gaming store, Social Media ( not a new SM site though) more information on these and others  to be announced. 
  • Global Bonus pool to have a point system, earn your way up 1 to 5 point scale system it will be the same for all the business centers, simple to understand, you only need to learn it once . 

    Saturday the 28th of September  4.30pm EST
    Ewallet training, set up , funding etc ...... to be translated into several languages after.
    The link will be posted under news in the back office.
So we are finally there guys, I know you will find it well worth the wait and there is plenty more excitement ahead.

  Please pass this information on to your teams ASAP 

Get excited people its all happening and over the next month or so it will only get better .

Just as a side note if you are not connected to me on Facebook please add me as a contact -  (link below) mention you're one of my Global One team members.

To Learn more about Ultimate Power Profits Click Here

To your and all our future success


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